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4 interesting facts about Japanese Whisky

Here at The Broadfield, we have a huge whisky collection – we even house a single malt whisky from every working distillery in Scotland.  

We like to think that whisky is a drink like no other. It’s a beverage with a rich history and considered a spirit of the world, so we have put together a few interesting facts that you might not know, specifically about Japanese whisky

The Broadfield Ale House's whisky selection

Japan whisky facts by The Broadfield


Whisky on demand 

Chances are, you’ve been to a train station or bar and bought some snacks from a vending machine before but could you imagine a machine that dispensed bottles of whisky? In Japan, whisky is readily available almost everywhere and there are even vending machines where you can get your favourite blend.

Not crossing borders 

It’s getting increasingly harder to get your hands on luxury Japanese whisky if you live in a different country due to high demand and exportation rules. Just another reason to come down to The Broadfield and try some of the top-shelf Japanese blends.

Highball or not at all 

Although today, the Japanese whisky trade is more booming than ever, it wasn’t too long ago that it was an unpopular spirit gathering dust on bar shelves. It was the rising popularity of highball drinks in 2008 that helped drastically boost whisky sales and increase its popularity. 

Top secret 

It’s common practice for distilleries in Scotland and America to swap barrels with other companies in order to create new flavours. However, in Japan, things are a lot more competitive. Distillers closely guard their recipes and never share barrels with outside interests or competitors.  


We hope you found these fun facts interesting and learned something new. If you want to taste our huge range of whisky, pop on down and talk to one of our team.